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​Certifications: Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner - Master Herbalist - Advanced Energy Healing - Balancing Women’s Hormones - Foundations of Nutritional Therapies - Auto-Immune Inflammation Connection and Treatment - Environmental Toxicity and Chronic Illness - Applied Kinesiology - Nutrition Response Technique – Diabetes Management and Solutions - Certified First Line Therapy Practitioner - Heart Math Practitioner - Accredited with Neuroscience Education Institute


I'm very excited to announce my partnership with Dr. Stuart Lerner M.D in Kailua! ​

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Are you confused about what to eat and what not to eat?

Are you spending good money taking supplements and not getting the results you want?

Are you afraid to make changes because you think its going to be costly and hard?

I can help!!

Type your paragraph here.ten-week program, I thought I did not have it in me to follow such discipline, but she guided and encouraged me. Nine weeks later and 30 pounds lighter, I realize what I actually got is more years of vitality and healthy living, and that is truly priceless. Thank you Rebecca!!” - Eduardo C. 

“I can describe my experience working with Rebecca Rebmann at AWC in two words: life changing! My understanding of proper healthcare and diet has been broadened extensively. I am now equipped with better tools to navigate both my life and the lives of my entire family by making more informed decisions needed so that we can ‘eat to live.’ I exceeded my goals: weight loss, enhanced awareness of cause and effect of food choices and supplement free! Indeed, this has been a truly remarkable and life-changing experience.” - Patricia P.

I came to AWC for help with depression and fatigue. I met with Rebecca regarding my nutritional deficiencies and needs, as well as weight reduction. Thanks to Rebecca, I have learned to feed my body properly and eat wholesome foods. I also learned to eat intuitively instead of emotionally and I have lots of energy, am more focused and much happier.” - Tamara B.

After the birth of my three children, I was never able to get rid of the extra, unwanted pounds. With each passing year the problem seemed to get worse, in spite of my regular exercise program. Thanks to Rebecca and the Advanced Wellness Center I have finally lost those pounds and feel confident that the nutritional habits I have learned will keep them off for good. Thank you so much Rebecca for your help, I am eternally grateful.” - Suzette A.

“It has been a sincere pleasure to work with Rebecca. Under her care, I have lost about 20 pounds and learned how to eat the right amounts of high-quality foods to maintain my health goals. I have learned that eating the right foods eliminates pain, bloating, fatigue and other symptoms. I have attempted to lose weight many, many times before, but I have never been successful. Rebecca was the key to my success! She is caring, extremely knowledgeable and knows how to get me to my goals.” - Christy C. 

When I started the program I craved, chocolate, sugar and carbohydrates. After just two weeks, the cravings were gone and the pounds and inches began to come off quickly. As I followed the program, eating the right amounts of proteins and carbohydrates daily, I didn’t feel hungry. I would recommend Ultra Lite and the Advanced Wellness Center to everyone.” - Robin H.

​​​My name is Rebecca Rebmann. Im also the Punk Rock Doc. I am a Certifed Traditional Naturopath with a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition. For 20+ years and Ive helped thousands of clients restore their health and feel amazing using nutrition and supplementation. 

My primary focus is on healthy weight management and wellness (the absence of “dis-ease”) addressing some of the often- overlooked blocks of digestion and food allergies that may keep a person from achieving a lasting healthy weight. Additionally, I can help you find permanent solutions to digestive problems, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, type ll diabetes, fatigue, skin problems, immune deficiencies and I’ve had amazing results with Long Covid cases Sooo What's this Punk Rock Doc all about?

In todays world of information overload, mass production of packaged food, more opinions than you can count about the best way to be healthy, drink mixes, bars, diets,  Oh My!  I am suggesting that you too find your inner punk rocker and do not blindly accept the spin that food manufacturers want you to believe. The belief I’m referring to is the one where you can eat granola bars and get your health and energy back.  Now, I know you know what I’m talking about.  Is there anyone out there that truly believes a granola bar is good for your health? Punk Rock is the knowing that comes from the experience of having your health restored and knowing how to keep it that way. It’s the why behind being able to choose an apple over a bag of chips.  If you’re 20 years old and you feel awesome you may not believe this but everything you put in your mouth counts. Just ask someone in their 40's.  Here is a hint: if its not real, fresh food it is working against your wellness. I have seen countless people in their 20’s who already don’t feel good. What do you think the future looks like for them if they do not change the way they take care of themselves. I have had just as many people in my office who are middle aged and are trying to repair the damage they have done over the years. They didn’t feel good all those years. Don’t you ask yourself why they didn’t change earlier? I believe that part of it is just not having the right information. Even the people you trust like nutrition experts like myself, didn’t have the right information. So look, it's not your fault. And it's NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE. Now is the time. Heres my promise to you. I will tell you the truth about your food.  Its based on EVIDENCE from helping a lot of people.

So if you’re done with the insanity of doing the same old diets over and over again expecting different results. Good.

Lets get busy!